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About Burnie Grills

Burnie Grills began as an idea for creating an eco-friendly,100% natural, all-wood single use portable cooking grill. Originally developed in Latvia, a Baltic state in Northern Europe, Burnie Grills utilized a centuries-old Nordic technique for burning wood stumps and paired it with Alder, a slow-burning, sustainable hardwood that gives food a pleasant, smoky aroma.

The natural qualities of Alder enable grilling enthusiasts to cook completely chemical-free while keeping their meals tasty and healthy. There’s no need to purchase charcoal, lighter fluid or wood chips, allowing Burnie users to save money, while avoiding unpleasant chemicals. Burnies are compact, convenient and their ingenious self-burning design leaves behind zero waste. It’s no surprise that our single use wood burning grills continue to gain popularity across continents, and are even used by the U.S. Military.


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