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Why Buy a Burnie Grill?

Burnie Grill products incorporate smart, affordable, eco-friendly design and versatility. Very simply, there’s nothing else like them. Our all-natural Alder wood grills can be used to cook on top of directly or with one of our Burnie-Q Folding Grates or Collapsible Grill Sets. Enjoy real wood taste without relying on charcoal briquettes which contain many additives that contaminate the taste of your food. We stand behind all of our products and know you’ll be delighted when you use them. We’re dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction

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Burnie Grill

100% natural all wood burning grills

Burnie's ingenious construction is borrowed from the ancient Nordic technique for burning wood stumps. This method has been used for centuries, unleashing powerful, portable fire that lights with one match, ignites evenly and burns for hours. As for our stumps, we use only rich and sustainable Alder wood imported from the Latvian forests that border the Baltic Sea.

Burnie Grill Burnining

The wood grill is made entirely from our hand selected trees. So when we say '100% All Natural Alder Wood, Zero Chemicals.' - we mean it! When you're done, the Burnie burns itself out. Unlike other cooking sources, this grill can reach temperatures over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. They are great for the environment and provide one of the few true green grilling products available. They are available in two sizes: Large (12" wide x 5" tall) and Medium (9" wide x 5" tall). The grills come from cut from natural tree widths, so the dimensions above are approximate and each can vary slightly in width.

Burnie Grill Burnining

It's very easy to get the Burnie Grill going. Simply place your Burnie in any charcoal grill, fire pit or designated burning area and light the center fire starter. In about 20 minutes Burnie is ready to be either cooked directly on or used with a grill grate, your choice. With a 1.5 hour cook time for the Medium Burnie and 2.5 hour cook time on the Large Burnie, there is sure to be a size that will meet your needs!.

Burnie Grill Burnining

Burnie Grills really offers endless cooking options! Don't be afraid unleash the cooking potential that our all wood grills were made for! Cooking directly on top of the grill is a technique takes it back to the basics, not to mention favorable among celebrities like President Eisenhower, Food Network's Alton Brown, and Julia Childs. Grab a Burnie Grill and you just might just discover your new favorite recipe!.

Burnie Grill Burnining

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