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Burnie Grill

The Carry Anywhere
All-Natural Alder Wood
Ultra Eco-Friendly Grill.

Burnie Grill

The Carry Anywhere
All-Natural Alder Wood
Ultra Eco-Friendly Grill

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Burnie Grill

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What is a Burnie Grill?

Burnie Grill

The Ultra Eco-Friendly Grill

A Burnie is an ingenious single-use, self-burning portable grill made from 100% natural Alder Wood. Simple-to-use and environmentally-friendly, Burnies contain no chemicals, make food taste better, and can return safely to the earth, leaving behind no waste or messy cleanup.

Originally developed in Latvia, a Baltic state in Northern Europe, Burnie Grills utilize a centuries-old Nordic technique for burning Alder Wood stumps, a slow-burning, sustainable hardwood.  This gives meats, fish and vegetables a pleasantly smoky aroma and unique umami flavor.

Teach Me How To Burnie

Awesome for open flame cooking

Perfect with your Burnie-Q Collapsible Grill

***Image of Green Egg with Burnie

Great for smokers and green eggs.

“The Burnie All Wood Self-Burning Grill is a fantastic option for having a campfire on the fly. No more searching for wood or having the wood fail to light. Two thumbs up for this product.”

Burnie Grill

Burnie Goes Where You Go!


Burnies make camping, hiking and outdoor adventure better! These powerful, portable campfires even fit in a backpack!


Make your next tailgate a winner with Burnie! Perfect for the big game, Burgers & Brauts taste better with Burnie’s 100% natural smoked Alder wood flavor!


Cook great tasting food with zero mess. Burnie make Backyard barbecues a breeze with maximum convenience, versatility and efficiency.


An instant outdoor firepit, Burnies are a natural for impromptu family fun! Light. Grill. Done. Once finished, Burnies burn themselves out!

Delicious Food Awaits

Burnie Grill

It’s easy to get cookin’ on a Burnie! Getting started requires no more than striking a match. Watch the short “How-to” video to learn more, then check out some of our classic Burnie recipes! Whether grilling, roasting or smoking, you’ll quickly discover the flavor-enhancing qualities of cooking over a 100% all-natural, Alder wood fire.

Burnie’s Favorite Recipes

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Are You Looking for that Perfect Gift?  

It’s no surprise that Burnie Grills are a popular gift item for hunters, anglers, campers, hikers, grilling, beach goers, RV and outdoor enthusiasts. Portable, unique and affordable, they’re a one-of-a-kind invitation to an outdoor adventure and a new, all-natural way to prepare better-tasting food at home, your campsite, tailgate lot, and even the beach! Give a Burnie and get ready for fun!

Burnie Grill

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