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  1. Couple using a Burnie disposable wood burning grill to make s'mores.

    Chuck the Charcoal. Grilling’s Better with Burnie.

    Zero chemicals and better tasting food with 100% natural Alder Wood flavor!

  2. Woman ignites her Burnie disposable wood burning grill for camping.

  3. 2 Burnie disposable one time use grills.

  4. 100% alder wood in a Burnie one time use disposable wood burning grill.

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  • $49.99
  • Medium Grill
  • Burnie-Q Collapsible Grill Set
*Medium Burnie Sold Separately
  • Large Grill


A Burnie is an ingenious single-use, self-burning portable grill made using 100% natural Alder Wood. Simple-to-use and environmentally friendly, Burnies use no chemicals, make food taste better and return to the earth, leaving behind no waste or messy cleanup.


  • Camping

    Burnies make camping, hiking and outdoor adventure better! These powerful, portable campfires even fit in a backpack!

  • Tailgating

    Make your next tailgate a winner with Burnie! Perfect for the big game, Burgers & Brauts taste better with Burnie’s 100% natural smoked Alder wood flavor!

  • Cookouts

    Cook great tasting food with zero mess. Burnie make Backyard Bar-B-Q’s a breeze with maximum convenience, versatility and efficiency.

  • S'mores

    An instant outdoor firepit, Burnies are a natural for impromptu family fun! Light. Grill. Done. Once finished, Burnies burn themselves out!

Get a Burnie. Give a Burnie.

It’s no surprise that Burnie Grills are a popular gift item for hunters, anglers, campers, hikers, grilling, RV and outdoor enthusiasts. Portable, unique and affordable, they’re a one-of-a-kind invitation to outdoor adventure and a new, all-natural way to prepare better-tasting food at home, or anywhere! Give a Burnie and get ready for fun!


“ I love to use these in my backyard fire pit when having company. I feel that I don’t have to ‘babysit’ a Burnie as I would with a traditional log fire. ”

Mitch B

“ While I enjoy building my own fires from time to time, I would rather sit back and enjoy spending time with my friends and family rather than collecting wood. Simple, easy, and convenient, I love my Burnie Grills. I buy five at a time to make sure I don't run out. ”


“ This grill is my favorite for a quick hotdog roast, marsh mellows, fire pit, or anything else you can think of. I have ordered plenty, and the best part is, shipping is cheap!!! You won't be disappointed by this product.”