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Whether you’re new to Burnie or you’ve been grilling with us for years, this is the essential grilling set from Burnie Grill.


This package includes: 1 Burnie-Q Collapsible Grill + Carrying Case + 3 Medium Burnie Grills. The Burnie-Q collapsible grill is reusable and completely portable so you can grill almost anywhere. Burnie Grills are perfect for camping or hunting trips, tailgating, backyard cookouts, RV trips, and even on your boat! Burnie Grills burn down evenly with no waste left behind. Just wipe out the collapsible grill after it’s cooled down and store it in the carrying case that’s provided.

You’ll never need charcoal or lighter fluid again because Burnie Grill provides delicious, all wood, chemical-free grilling flavor!


  • Weight: 15.5 lb
  • Availability: instock

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