3 Fun Facts to Know About Burnie Grill

Get to know Burnie! A few highlights here:

#1: No Toxic Chemicals

YUP!! Seriously no bad stuff here at all. The entire Burnie is made of Alder Wood trees that grow in Latvia. That’s it! No added toxins, no toxic emissions. Considering the world we live in, where everything we buy seems to have countless unpronounceable ingredients, it’s refreshing to have something this simple.
Stick the Burnie in a grill, use our grate, or cook your food directly on top of it. Nothing’s going to contaminate your food, except amazing flavor…

#2: Flavor

The Alder Wood flavor gets infused in your food when you use a Burnie. It has a rich, enticing aroma that elevates the taste of anything you cook on it. Say bye-bye to those bland burgers or countless spices you need to add. Here’s to a natural flavor that will have your tastebuds thanking you.

#3: Cleanup

That daunting task of clean-up is a thing of the past. Burnies are designed to burn themselves completely down to ash, so depending on where you’re using the Burnie, it might just take a little shaking of some ashes into the woods or a quick rinse of your grill. Either way, super easy!

Bonus Fun Fact

Burnie is available on our Website, Amazon, and Walmart.